Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are composed of:

  • two rows of rollers
  • a single spherical raceway on the outer ring
  • two inner ring raceways

The two raceways of the inner ring are arranged at a certain angle with respect to the transverse axis of the bearing. Because they are orientable, these bearings are insensitive to the misalignment of the shaft with respect to the housing, which can be caused by deflection of the shaft itself.

This unique construction make them vital for heavy applications. Their performance is consistent even in extreme conditions, as in the case of high-stress environments and / or reduced lubrication. Spherical roller bearings can give a use life equal to twice that of traditional bearings, according to some estimates.

Features of spherical roller bearings:

  • ideal for reduced and medium speeds
  • self-aligning and very robust
  • able to bear radial and axial loads in both directions
  • longer use life compared to traditional bearings
  • excellent compensation for misalignments

Series: 21300, 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200, 23900, 24000, 24100

Most commonly used spherical roller bearings:

  • open bearings
  • sealed bearings
  • bearings for vibratory applications