Excavator using high resistance ball bearings for earth moving machinery

For the earthmoving machinery/construction machinery sector, CRB offers a wide range of products:

Earth Moving Machinery serves the industrial machinery needed to perform excavations and soil modeling for construction projects.

This type of machinery is utilized in many sectors: civil, engineering, agriculture, power lines or railway lines, quarries, and mines.

In heavy construction machines, the bearings are subject to highly stressful conditions: high loads, solid vibrations, and adverse atmospheric conditions. Despite these, they must provide power and reliability while requiring minimal maintenance and downtime.

Our products are mounted on:

  • scrapers
  • excavators
  • graders
  • dozers
  • rollers
  • backhoe loaders
  • crawler loaders
  • wheel loaders
  • dumpers
  • general construction machinery

Made of solid materials, they guarantee excellent durability and resistance against the typical wear and tear of the industry.