CRB was founded in the late 60s by Tommaso Arminio initiative, a professional expert in the ball bearings field.
Since the 1940s, and thanks to his father’s experience, Tommaso Arminio has been working in ball bearings distribution. He intended to offer a widespread and revolutionary service at that time.
CRB today, for the past three generations in this field, has been an up-to-date organization, open to innovation and cutting-edge technology.
Thanks to the network built over the years, CRB imports ball bearings and ball bearing units famous and well-known for their indisputable quality.


CRB VOLVENT MILANO can grant effective and real-time products and types availability services in its very wide range catalog.
This includes large-size ball bearings, in all versions, standard and non-standard bearings, and ball bearing units complete ranging from 12 mm. up to 140 mm. in diameter.
We have a 2000 m2 warehouse, using a stocks management computer system, allowing a prompt product’s location. You also get a quick reply regarding the availability of our products.


CRB VOLVENT MILANO has privileged relationships thanks to years of working alongside manufacturers worldwide. Our business agreements allow us to grant special terms to our clients.
Our strengths are substantial: a well-stocked warehouse, with thousands of articles immediately available, and a flexible distribution network that guarantees punctuality and accuracy.
Shipments take place twice a day, everywhere in Italy and abroad, even with a few hours’ notice.


Getting in contact with CRB VOLVENT MILANO, you can really appreciate how the personnel pays great attention to any customer’s requests and issues.
Efficient and dynamic, the company staff are prepared to give immediate responses to the customer’s inquiry.
Thanks to the professional, motivated staff and an advanced information system, the customer has the possibility to search quickly and efficiently, even for items difficult to find on the market.